FB Influence 2.0 Review – The Facebook Blueprint By Amy Porterfield

Fb influence review

Quick Overview

  • Product Name – Fb Influence
  • Training Program by – Amy Porterfied
  • Price – $97
  • Official Website – www.fbinfluence.com

Alright, I’m going to start this review with a confession.  I know next to nothing about ways of promoting a business on facebook.  Promoting a funny screen capture from a movie with an incongruous caption, sure, but when it comes to developing a social media marketing plan, I don’t even know where to start.  This seems like exactly what fb influence 2.0 is supposed to teach me, so I’m going to give it a try and see if it actually does me any good.  Fortunately, I DO know a thing or two about checking out new online video courses and seeing if they’re worth their price.  If fb influence can teach me about this marketing for small business, great, and if it doesn’t maybe I can save you some money while you’re looking for instructions on how to promote your business. Anyways Here’s my Fb influence review.

What It Actually Is

Fb influence 2.0 is a series of instructional videos created by Amy Porterfield with the stated goal of improving your Facebook marketing skills and instructing the viewer on everything they need to know to successfully promote their businesses.

They go over different ways to promote, techniques for increasing your audience membership, and mistakes to avoid.  Membership in fb influence 2.0 also includes access to a number of other resources such as written articles on the subject, tools and applications that members can use, and links to other websites that could be useful in promoting a business.  It also allows access to a private Facebook group for members that can potentially offer support and answers to specific questions by other members.

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The Good Stuff

The fb influence videos themselves are of very high quality.  They utilize a crisp and clear slide-based presentation style, and go over individual topics at great length and in great detail so that the viewer can keep up and not have unanswered questions at the end of the video.  Amy has a soothing voice and speaks slowly, clearly, and evenly, which helps with information absorption and makes it easy to know exactly what she’s talking about. Complicated concepts are broken down into simpler to understand component processes, and the videos don’t skip over details or rush through any points that I noticed, which is good, because something like marketing for small business has a lot of steps that are pretty confusing to beginners.  Or at least I assume, because they were pretty confusing to me.

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Fb influence’s various tools and apps that membership links to also seem very handy at a certain level of engagement, and though I haven’t had to look into them too closely yet, they seem ready and waiting for certain situations that are likely to arise if I pursue a social media marketing plan to any level of success.

Some Thoughts To Consider for Beginners

There’s a whole lot to absorb here.  The fb influence videos cover the various key steps involved in how to promote your business in a lot of detail, and there are hours and hours of instructional videos to watch if you want to get it all.  This is actually a really good thing in terms of getting your money’s worth, but it can be pretty intimidating to a first-timer like me.  The narrator makes it easy to understand, but there’s just so much content that you’ll have to invest a fair amount of time watching all of the videos, to say nothing of the time you’ll have to spend implementing them if you’re serious about it.  This might come as a surprise, but while the videos do make it easier, anything worth doing isn’t going to be easy, and this is no exception.

How It Measures Up

Compared with other online courses in social media marketing that I’ve perused in the past, fb influence 2.0 has a lot more content for less money and spends the time necessary to actually get across all of the points necessary in teaching ways of promoting to the viewer.  It doesn’t take shortcuts and it doesn’t skimp on the details, and I definitely felt that I got my money’s worth with all of the content available.  It doesn’t do any of the work for you, though, and it still demands a lot of time and effort on the part of the watcher to be implemented successfully.  The tools and links it provides in the bonuses section were unexpected and potentially useful, and the membership in the secret Facebook group could be quite handy.  For the price, it’s a pretty good value, particularly if it’s all new to you and you would like all of your information in one place rather than gathering it yourself from every corner of the internet.

Who It’s For

Fb influence 2.0 would be a handy tool for anybody who wants to promote their business through social networking but doesn’t know how.  Presumably, people who are already good at social media marketing wouldn’t get quite as much out of the course as people who are brand new to the whole thing, but fb influence 2.0 still has enough instructional information that I would be surprised if veteran marketers couldn’t  find at least a few things in the course that they hadn’t tried and could benefit from implementing.

The name fb influence 2.0 implies that the course is tailored to facebook specifically, and it does lean in that direction, but it’s not entirely true; most of the advice it gives could apply to any number of platforms with a little creativity, so that’s not really a limiting factor.  However, the commitment level of the customer probably is, as actually utilizing all of the advice and tools that the fb influence 2.0 course provides will take more than a passing interest’s level of dedication.

So Should You Try It?

Well, No fb influence review would be complete without a final recommendation, would it?  Overall, I think that I would recommend purchasing it if you’re serious about using social media as marketing for small business.  As with any how-to course, it’s not going to do the work for you, so it will only be as useful as the time and effort you put into it.

If you feel that it’s about time to start with this course and work with Amy Porterfield, then go ahead and click here!

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