An Honest Article Marketing Robot Review

article marketing robot review

Quick Overview

  • Product Name – Article Marketing Robot
  • Training Program by – Vincent Severson
  • Price – $97
  • Official Website –

Article Marketing Robot is the premier program for article marketers. However, there are many important pieces of information missing from almost any Article Marketing Robot review. In particular, these reviews fail to discuss the best practices to use when operating this program, and they do not present enough information about the effectiveness of AMR for increasing a website’s rankings.

Review Of Article Marketing Robot

Article Marketing Robot is a sensational program. It allows for the submission of articles to literally 1,000’s of article directories. In contrast to most SEO programs, AMR is remarkably simple to use. From creating author accounts to mass submitting articles, AMR can accomplish a wide variety of tasks quickly and efficiently.

One of the traditional problems with article marketing software was the need to create author accounts for every directory. However, AMR is able to automate this task. Furthermore, it has one of the highest success rates at account creation of any SEO program. In fact, it has a success rate that is almost double SeNuke X and Ultimate Demon. This saves time and money. After all, few things are as irritating as wasting captcha credits on account creations.

The success rate of Article Marketing Robot depends entirely on the quality of the list of directories being used. Article directories are not as common as they used to be, but there are still 1,000’s of them that are available. Good lists may be purchased or found on any of the major internet marketing forums. In fact, it is advisable to regularly download any lists that are posted on these forums. This can be an excellent way to build and maintain a database of article directories without having to expend a lot of energy or time.

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 AMR can have a profound impact of the rankings of a website. In particular, it is possible to rank a website with only AMR. However, the exact effectiveness of this program is dependent on the competition for the keyword. Fortunately, for low competition keywords, it is not uncommon for a website to rank with only a couple of rounds of submissions with AMR.

From personal experience, AMR is incredibly effective at ranking for low competition keywords. Sometimes, within a day of doing a round of submissions a website will move to the first page of Google. In fact, for low competition keywords, there is probably not a better tool to achieve rapid movements in rankings.

However, it is important to note that Google has been cracking down on websites that utilize overly aggressive link building practices. Therefore, it is best to use the scheduling feature that is found in AMR. In fact, a slow drip feed of backlinks from article directories will have a much larger impact on the rankings of a particular website than a single round of submissions to 1,000’s of directories. Google has started to place more emphasis on link velocity over the past year. As a result, the scheduling feature found in AMR gives it an advantage that most other software platforms are unable to provide.

How To Use Article Marketing Robot To Its Fullest Potential

While much of the effectiveness of AMR will depend on the quality of directories in its list, there are still some tricks that can help to increase its success rate even further. More specifically, these tips relate to the use of proxies, account creation and spinning strategies. Using these tips will help ensure that AMR will be as effective as possible.

Most SEO programs require the use of proxies. However, Article Marketing Robot does not. In fact, it is generally advised not to use proxies when running the program. Most article directories are not strict when it comes to account creation or submission. However, they may utilize SpamHause. As a result, if a proxy has been flagged by SpamHause, then it will not be able to submit an article to many directories.

Account Creation Tip
Never use free email addresses to make account. Many article directories do not accept accounts registered with a free email address. The best way to address this problem is to use email address from private domains. These email addresses only take a few seconds to create, and they will dramatically increase the account creation success rate.

Spinning Practices
Google has become exceptional at detecting spun content, but this does not mean that spun content is not valuable. However, push button spinning is no long sufficient. Each article should be spun on the paragraph, sentence, and synonym levels. This will ensure that the articles will have enough uniqueness to not be discredited by Google.

My Final Opinion For AMR

Contrary to what some people think there is not an Article Marketing Robot scam. Unfortunately, there has not been an Article Marketing Robot review that has sufficiently addressed the effectiveness and best practices of the program. However, this AMR review has sought to correct that problem. Following the tips and tricks offered by this review will dramatically increase the benefits of using the program. This is especially true for keywords that have low competition. A single round of submissions with AMR can push these webpages to the first page of Google in a matter of days.

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